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Grade 5 Titanium

Ti-6Al-4V or Grade 5 Titanium.
Used in aerospace, marine, chemical, and medical industries. Our bolts are manufactured to the highest standards, ready to outshine stainless steel and high-grade carbon steel bolts.

Stronger, lighter, and corrosion free.

Trapped Washers

Trapped Washers Included: As experienced bike techs, we include these for your safety and peace of mind.

PVD Coating

Physical Vapour Deposition. All our colors (except raw) boast PVD coating. The quality is unbeatable. These coatings are not simply metal layers though. Instead, compound materials are deposited atom by atom,forming a thin, bonded, metal surface layer that greatly improves the appearance, durability, and/or function of a part or product.

Rolled Threads

To ensure the best quality, each bolt is produced to our specifications. All bolts are made in certified factories with modern CNC machines and thorough quality control processes.

The threads on our bolts are rolled. Rolling changes the mechanical properties of the material and makes the threads stronger compared to cut threads. It also provides a smoother surface which helps to ensure proper torquing, lowers the wear of the bolt, and reduces the risk of galling.

Save Weight

Save 45% weight compared to steel bolts while not sacrificing strength.

Copper Grease included

Essential Additions: With your online purchase, we always throw in copper grease or thread locker (or both). Because we know these are a must-have for a perfect installation.

Our Quality Promise:

To ensure the best quality, each of our bolts is produced to our specification. All bolts are made in ISO9001 certified factories with modern CNC machines and thorough quality control processes.

Our bolts are made of Titanium Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V). This makes our bolts super strong, resistant against corrosion and very light at the same time. Our Titanium Grade 5 Bolts are among the toughest available, outperforming stainless steel and most high grade carbon steel bolts. The same material is used in the chemical and medical industry, as well as in many marine and aerospace applications.


Instead of anodising we prefer our bolts to be PVD coated (Physical Vapour Deposition). The main reasons for PVD instead of anodising is the better look and the better protection of the component. Anodised colours fade in the sun, tend to show blemishes from grease and are inconsistent in manufacturing - PVD coated bolts are the highest quality standard and will be nice and shiny after years. We are able to offer bolts in gold, copper, oil slick, burnt blue and raw titanium (raw bolts are not PVD coated).