About Us

The idea for ‘The Ti-Bolt’ was born by two mechanics in one of North Vancouver's oldest bike shop’s basement. To us, bikes are much more than a commuter or a tool to exercise. Bikes are essential! They are a way of life!

Apart from riding our bikes, we also love to keep them dialed and look good. We take pride in upgrading and personalizing our bikes with quality components to gain that bit of performance!

In the never ending task to care for our rides, we got stuck in the search for quality titanium hardware. Despite an abundance of options, the quality and service were not up to our high standard; this gave us reason to rethink. We weren't ready to compromise and started designing products to fulfill our needs. Top quality products are not where we stop. We are here to help you find the parts you really need and to support you with any issue that might come up along the way.