Ti-Bolt Installation Procedure

We are trying to make the installation of your new bolt kit as simple as possible. If you do not feel confident to install the bolt kit yourself - reach out to your local bike shop (or contact us if you are close)

Your delivery packaging contains small labeled paper bags to identify each bolt. For tailored kits the label tells which bolt is meant for which component of your bike.

We suggest working step by step (replace bolt by bolt) instead of unpacking and removing all the bolts and trying to figure out which one is supposed to be used where.

Pick the titanium bolts for the component you are going to work on next.

Select the appropriate tools to remove and install the corresponding bolts. Commonly required tools are:

  • hex key set 2mm - 6mm
  • t25 torx wrench
  • torque wrench with a set of hex and torx bits.
  • brush for the anti seize compound (Q-Tips do the job as well)

Replace bolt by bolt

  1. Remove a bolt of your selected component
  2. Compare the removed bolt with your new Ti-Bolt to verify the correct size
  3. Prepare Ti-Bolt for assembly

Apply anti seize compound to all bolts except brake rotor and brake caliper bolts to avoid seizing. (The best practice is to use a small brush to achieve a thin layer on all threads and the back of the bolt head).

Apply medium strength threadlocker for the brake rotor bolts & brake caliper bolts. Also here we suggest a thin layer of copper grease on the back of the bolt head to avoid seizing.

  1. Install the Ti-Bolt to your bike/component until hand tight
  2. Torque the Ti-Bolts as specified by the component manufacturer. Many components have torque specifications inscribed in the component. If no specification can be found on the component the famous search engine will regularly help you to find the proper torque on your manufacturer’s website.
  3. Verify the component with your new Ti-Bolts is tight and doesn’t move under load
  4. Ride & have fun!

We suggest not to exceed following torque values:
M5 bolt = 12 Nm
M6 bolt = 20 Nm

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