Shimano I-Spec EV Bolts.

Shimano I-Spec EV Bolts.

I-Spec EV represents the most recent evolution in Shimano's I-Spec integration system. This latest iteration of I-Spec by Shimano aims to enhance the adjustability range, thereby improving ergonomic performance for a broader spectrum of riding styles. This upgraded version is referred to as I-Spec EV.

One notable feature is the continued ability to fine-tune the angle of the shifter lever concerning the brake lever. However, the degree of angle adjustment varies across different Shimano product lines.


Not only can you adjust it more, but the way they put the brake part means it touches the handlebar's outer edge under the lever. Shimano says this makes it stronger and gives you more power to brake better.

They also have a lever to control the seatpost that works with I-Spec EV. It's not heavy, only 37 grams, and it can pull the cable by 7mm. This works with most dropper seatposts.

Check here for the full compatibility list:

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